portuguese buns


hello everyone !!

i was wondering if anyone has any recepies for portuguese buns that they would like to share

ty in advance

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mlucas 2010 November 17

Are they similar to Portuguese Water Bread?

I don't have any recipes, but if they are similar to Portuguese Water Bread, they will definitely work well as a sourdough. I remember eating both the Water Bread and some similar buns when I was in the Algarve, and although made with yeast, their high hydration was similar to many recipes in which sourdough excels.

I'm pretty sure the Water Bread was only flour, water, salt, yeast* ... no sugar or oil. Not sure about the buns though.

*although it didn't say so on the ingredients, I suspect the bread was made with a yeasted preferement, because the flavour was so good and it had excellent keeping quality. (this is where you mix some flour, water & yeast the night before to make a sponge, which grows overnight and is then added to the final dough, giving it some similar characteristics to sourdough)


Happy Baking,

pipoca 2010 November 18

thank u mike !!

im amazed at ur knowledge :)

im  not sure what the water bread is but ill be looking into it ,i really love the buns ..

and what would the difference be between a starter and a yeast??

im new at this and when i bake i use the store bought yeast

any help is greatly apreciated

mlucas 2010 November 18

Hi Pipoca,

Sorry, I shouldn't have assumed you already knew all about sourdough!  I jumped to conclusions because this site is dedicated to sourdough.

A sourdough starter is the "brew" or "culture" that contains the wild yeast & bacteria organisms you use to make sourdough bread. A better term is actually "naturally leavened" bread, since sourdough bread often doesn't taste sour.

Baking with store-bought yeast is certainly fine and you can produce some excellent bread. I use store-bought yeast for certain types of bread, and sourdough for others. (my favorite is the sourdough, but my kids like the 'softer' bread that I make with store-bought yeast)

If you're interested in baking with sourdough, and creating your own starter, the process I followed is the one from this very site:

I found that the whole process of creating a starter from scratch, really got me excited about baking in general. It made me think back to thousands of years ago, when "leavened" or raised dough would have first been discovered, and how amazing it would have been ... like magic or a gift from the heavens. (and if you notice they use the word "bread" a lot in the Bible!)

BUT if creating a starter seems a bit overwhelming at this point, by all means continue to use store-bought -- do whatever works for you!


pipoca 2010 November 18

thank you again for ur reply

i really aprciate it..

i checked the link and im very interested in making my own starter  i find that really amazing and will be giving it a try soon..

i found this site by accident and was interested right from the  start ,im very new here ands still learning about the site itself so much to see and read ..lol

i also checked the links on the portuguese buns and was happy about it they look just like the real ones cant wait to try them ..once again ty... i hope i can learn from everyone here :)

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