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after reading all the comments on the spelt forum, and seeing the amazing bread that is being produced, i have to throw myself on your mercy and ask for advice! the crumb of my various breads is coming out beautifully, but no matter what i try with slashing i cannot get it right. I have tried different angles, different stages of proof, different oven temps trying to control the spring, different hydration levels of the dough, just about everything i can think of. Its bugging me, because everything else is exactly as i want it...the crumb texture and structure is great, the flavour is great, my loaves just look like crap!
basically what is happening is the loaf is either massively springing, and completely filling in the slash, or its overfilling it. i cant get the colour differentiation between the slash and the rest of the crumb, and whatever shape i slash just warps...every loaf is coming out looking the same. i've only had one loaf that looked right. any suggestions?
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nowonmai 2008 April 30

free form. not sure whats going on, the blade is catching, or its going thru fine, but then when i bake the crust doesnt pull back like it should, it just fills out and looks the same as the rest of the loaf....very frustrating, as i'm following all the info i've been able to find.

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