Oh no tap water

I just read through, making a starter and realised after day 2 I forgot and used tap water. Our water is poor quality with a lot of water from the mines being pumped into it. Sigh.

My starter was going great now it has about 2 inches of water on top and the flour is just sitting on the bottom. I poured some of the water out not much less then half, after 5 days now it only has a few bubbles but nothing much happening.

Should I start again?


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PeteInAz. 2009 July 16

where there is life...there is hope.

Take some of the stuff and mix it with 1/2 cup of whatever non-tap water you started with and a cup of flour and see what happens.

While you are waiting for your starter to revive, watch this thread to see if someone who knows what they are talking about tells you something different.

Good luck.

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LeadDog 2009 July 16
The thought behind not using tap water is because most people's tap water has chlorine in it.  If your tap water doesn't have chlorine in it you should be fine.  Chlorine inhibits the microbial activity of the yeast and bacteria of the sourdough starter that you are trying to cultivate.

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