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Hello everyone

I have been lurking on this site for a while and did follow sourdom starter now I am ready for baking my first bread but I am kinda of lost.  I can't find a basic sourdough bread recipe.  So I am asking if someone would share one with me and guide me to where I could find one.

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TeckPoh 2008 November 26
You did the right thing to ask, rather than just give up. I'll be away for a week...when I get back, I'm going to organise a 'starter pack' for someone beginning on a sourdough journey. Here's 2 recipes to start you off, after which just jump into any of our bake-offs or try out the recipes in the Recipe Forum.

1. Pane Francese posted by sourdom


1 teaspoon starter

90g white flour

90g water


180g starter (36%)

320g water (64%)

450g white bakers flour (90%)

50g wholemeal flour (10%)

10g salt (2%)

2. Sourdough Vienna White posted by donyeokl

Something in your name tells me you're going to make it! *wink*


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