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Hey there,

I just thought i would introduce myself as ive registered today.

My name is Mick and im from Melbourne Australia, i'm a 25 year old qualified bread baker and im here because apart from being a baker for work i have a keen interest in the more artistic styles of breads and in general sour doughs because of the simple fact that i find this method of bread production very interesting! 

I gained my qualification from within Bakers Delight but due to financial circumstances ive moved over to making pre-mixed breads for Woolworths. 

Because of this and my refusal to eat premixed supermarket breads i purchased a bread maker and began producing all different types of scratch mixed breads using the settings on the machine to produce some lovley loaves.

Enough said basically ive started a sour dough-starter and after 7 days there is evidence of alot of development and im very excited to bake my first loaf.


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Bakers Delight Team 2010 December 24

Hi Mick,

So sorry to learn that you left Bakers Delight.

We love our Authentic Sourdough. Originally sourced from San Fran our starter is still going strong throughout our bakeries.

Nothing better than a tasty Sourdough still warm with a bit of butter spread on top! 

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