Multi-flour starter

Hi, friday I began a new starter using a lot of flours: soft, wholemeal and hard wheat, rye and spelt, plus a touch of yogurth and sugar. I refreshed it with the same mixture of flours twice a day and now it's sparkling ;-). I don't know what to expect from it, I was wondering if anyone has already used such a beast. Thanks, Nico
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Millciti 2009 July 15

You probably have all kinds of yeasts and different lactic acid bugs...  It really sounds interesting, have you tried baking with it yet?  Since it is a new starter I would look for recipes from the begginers blog or recipes that don't make a lot for a start.  Another thing to look at is how long it takes to double after you feed it, that will tell if it is ready to go




nicodvb 2009 July 15
I haven't tried to bake anything with it yet, but the leaven seems quite mature: it more than doubles in 2 hours; moreover the smell seems to be the right one. For the first time I'll try something simple.

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