Making first loaf - need help with kneading problem

Hi..I am making today my first sourdough loaf at home. Got some starter off a friend and we made a loaf together last week. I followed her instructions and then the only different thing I have done is to knead it in a stand mixer. I kneaded it for about 10 - 15 mins on medium speed. It was doing fine and then suddenly it went all gooey, like I had put more water in? Not sure what happened. I think I kneaded it too long but am not sure. The starter was fed a week ago and then I fed it last night when I got it out to sit on the bench. It didnt have any watery layers though - should it have? It had some bubbles on top today - sort of frothy and smelt nice - like beer.divdivI dont want to give up after the first go and intend to do some reasearch but would really appreciate help on the kneading matter. BTW, I didnt give up and scraped this gooey mess on to my bread board,  gave a little knead to gather in to shape and am anxiously waiting to see what happens!!divdivCheers!divdivOni...(who may be enjoying a nice fresh loaf on this wintery day...another day!!)
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TeckPoh 2008 May 13
...and, especially, welcome to the world of sourdough.

Firstly, I'm sure your starter is A-ok from the sound of it. And, no, a starter at ready-2-use stage should not have a watery (hooch) layer, though it's common for a starter in storage. It would help for us to try and see what's wrong if you could give us more info?

1. Recipe?, we can see the hydration, how wet the dough is.
2. What flour?....over-kneading turns spelt dough wetter.
3. Your 10 - 15 mins kneading is at what speed? When I used to mix doughs in my Kenwood Major, 8 mins was sufficient.
4. Is it out of the oven? How did the loaf look? Pictures would be helpful.

Looking forward to hear the above answers...and, do take your time going through the many helpful forum threads.


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