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What a fool I am! Purchased these digital scales from a reputable retailer online last year when starting up my own little single-handed bakery in Somerset UK. I just trusted them I suppose but my God what a shock today, 8 months after purchase. I was setting up to bake my cheese scones and had a pack of local cheese labelled with the weight. I don't know why but I instinctively put the pack on my scales and blimey it read 291g instead of 250g on the pack. I tried again and again, switching the scales on and off many times but, no, they were sure it weighed 291g. I tried two sets of different scales, one digital in my mate's shop and the other orthadox ones in my kitchen at home. Both read 250g which was the correct weight. All this time I have been over-weighing ingredients. What a stupid fool. It explains quite a bit, actually, poor quality, too salty etc etc. I am so cross with myself it has really put me down. I am a Virgo, you seeand like things exact. I cannot for the life of me think why I just didn't test these scales before. Please beware if you have a set and maybe do your due diligence if you are thinking of buying some. Be warned 

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RobCollier 2012 May 7

You should be able to return them if you've only had them for 8 months, providing they've a commercial warranty (or don't say they've been used for business!)

You can't skimp on scales for commercial use, it's false economy. Plus, if you're selling by weight, you're breaking the law.

Get a calibration weight(s), and establish a CCP for calibrating on a routine basis.




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