Irish Soda Bread - Still Saint Patrick's Day Here ... Other Irish Breads?

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Okay not Sourdough, but when you try to find recipes for " Irish Bread", only recipes for this type of quick bread are offered.  I would love to make a traditional fermented "sourdough or yeasted" Irish bread or barm bread or potato bread.  When I researched the History of the Irish Soda Bread I found the following interesting link that might help to explain: 


So many in Australia have descended from the Irish - perhaps some of you may have some access to older recipes, pre 1800's, that describe bread before the invention of Soda in Ireland!  Read info at site above, for more on this! 

I myself have both Scots, and Irish, in my gene pool, and like to celebrate that heritage - along with all the rest of course. (German, Dutch, English)


Just thought I might get some input from all of you!  Please provide pictures If you have them... I will try and post a picture of my latest Ode to Saint Patty's Day.  It still needs some work.  My goal was a Irish brown bread using Sourdough.  I used my starter and a very old bottle of Killian’s Irish Red - then found out it's not even made in Ireland!  Even recipes for Irish Brown Bread that I found online - call for Baking Soda!  Sigh:(



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