Help! Need recipe for a special sandwich roll (images included)


Hi all,

This is my first post here.  I am reaching out to the baking community to see if someone can help me with a recipe for a sandwich roll from the Bay Cities Deli in Santa Monica California.  I am sure this is a straight dough, not sourdough.  Here are the images, any help is appreciated!




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Postal grunt 2009 December 9

The crust on that roll looks like a sourdough crust to me. Keep in mind that not all sourdough starters are so tangy that your tongue curls up into the back of your mouth. Many are aptly described as wild yeast and have subtle flavor profiles that might be overpowered in a sub (grinder, torpedoe, or hoagie?). There's also a good probability that the roll was baked in a steam injection oven, a process that a home baker can mimic through a number of procedures.

That's a good looking sandwich.

eschneider5 2009 December 9

I've eaten the roll by itself, and it is certainly a pretty neutral tasting crumb.  The crust is very crunchy, but also very thin.  The crumb is also not as substantial as any sourdough I have ever made.  Another hint is that it goes stale in a day or less.

ehanner 2009 December 9

By the looks of it, I would bet that it's a white AP flour sourdough levain that has been fermented overnight in the cooler. It was baked in a steamed deck oven with a high steam time. There was also probably a yeast additive to liven up the activity. From the profile, they carved out most of the crumb to make room for that beautiful meat and salad.

From the golden tone of the crust I wouldn't be surprised if a sweetener or malt was added to the flour. The bubbles on the skin are what make me think overnight retardation. The way the slashing is glazed over, makes me think heavy steam.

It looks like a Po-Boy to me with a harder crust.


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LeadDog 2009 December 9


The bread in your post reminded me of this bread that I made.  You might tweak it a little bit to make it more like what you are looking for.  The formula is here.

eschneider5 2009 December 10

Those are good looking breads, although they look like bread that I make as well and the crust is too thich for a sandwich roll.  I will share the formula as soon as I get it

marine 2010 September 29



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