Hand crafted baking tools

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Bench scraper in action
Oven cleaning brush

I keep getting asked about the big bench scraper often seen on the webcam. Next to the standard size scraper, it is my favourite and most used tool.

The latest version was designed specifically for bakers. They asked me for feedback on the first model and have now made the handle smaller than the blade, so you can easily scrape out dough drawers! I also use it for cutting larger units of dough, like big ciabatta. The pictured scraper was custom engraved for us,with a twist on our bakery name, Companion Bakery. Build quality is absolutely superb.

The people that make these are Slow Food and hand Forged Tools. They make all sorts of tools for wood fired ovens, like peels and cleaning brushes. Unfortunately I do not profit from this plug: like many craftspeople they only sell direct (though one day I hope to talk them into making them available on this site).


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