Great site but why does nobody answer?


I was glad I found this site as I had just started my sourdough baking again and still am full of questions.


Posted a few on the site but why does no one answer?



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TeckPoh 2009 July 10


It must be pretty frustrating not to get answers. Speaking for myself, a homebaker, I try to answer what I can from my sourdough experience, but, for questions which need more scientific explanation, well...I need to do some reading, and, I don't really feel comfortable rechurning out info which I can't verify.

Give it some may get your answers.




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Millciti 2009 July 15

Most of us are pretty busy sometimes and almost seem to dissappear... Many of us are still learning ourselves too and sometimes lack the confidence to reply.  But the bread and the fellowship bring us back here to enjoy..!! 

Those who are willing will try and answer as best we can without misleading you.  Keep baking and keep asking questions.  Besides if you look at where we all are in the world, there are many time zone factors involved, as well as cultural differences.  But it is all good:)



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LeadDog 2009 July 15
If I don't have an answer that I'm sure about or I just plain don't know, I say nothing.  Welcome to the forum and happy baking.
matthew 2009 July 15
Sorry but I find that I can't spend as much time keeping up with the forum these days so there are many posts that I haven't even read.  Also, I don't consider myself an expert by any stretch of the imagination.
Welcome along, I hope that you get your answers.

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