Fuoco Mio - Woodfire Oven

lee lee

Here are some pics of the woodfired oven that I built with my husband Ben in September 09. We fired it up for the first time on 02/10/09 and since, have churned out close to 100 pizzas for family & friends!!

Building up over the frame

Bricking the back in

Stage 1 - complete!

Stage 2 - Fermiculite coating

Stage 3 - Thermal blanket

Stage 4 - 2 coats of Fire Proof Render
Stage 5 - Burn out Frame
Stage 6 - Temper the bricks over 5 days
Stage 7 - Cook!

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rossnroller 2009 December 3

Good on you for making it a reality, lee lee! Would love to see a pic of the finished oven.

Did you use the Fornobravo plans, or is it an Alan Scott design, or something else?

Many happy pizzas ahead of you, I'm sure!

Bassbarry 2012 May 30

 That is absolutely amazing!

Congratulations on building such a fine oven!

Did you design/build it yourself or did you use a kit of some sort?


All the best with baking!


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