Feel free to laugh - at least it tasted good!

jordan elizabeth

I haven't made bread in two years, so while this isn't my first loaf, I am relearning everything, so it might as well be a first loaf!

My goals for my bread:

  • Well-cultured, because more than one in my household is sensitive to grains, but can handle them well-cultured
  • Kamut (for the same reason as the first point)
  • Edible

So even if this first loaf didn't quite live up to my dreams of beautiful crumb, it did, at least, meet the goals. In fact, my 6-year-old brother said, "This is the best bread I've ever tasted!!" He LOVES sourdough and hasn't gotten to eat any for a year (due to aforementioned sensitivities).

I took lots of notes, but I'll just include a basic outline here:

Preferment: 118 g starter (my starter is 100% Kamut and smelled and looked great), 118 g water, 118 g flour

Soaker: 30g sesame seeds, 32 g flaxseed, 55 g water

13.5 hours later I mixed together:

Preferment, 290 g flour, 135 g water

After 30 minutes autolyse I added the soaker and 11 g salt.

BP 1 hour, then S+F

S+F again 5 hours later

I tried to shape the dough a couple hours later, but halfway through it went completely limp on me! I did my best, dropped it into an oiled bowl and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

In the morning it felt much better (smelled great too!). I re-shaped it easily and let it proof at room temperature under a wet floursack towel while the oven preheated. It spread, but I was still optomistic about oven proof so I slashed it and put it into the hot oven. (450*F for 10 minutes, 400*F for 35 minutes)

It came out a dense disc. I let it cool fully, then cut into it and found this:

It has tiny bubbles near the crust and one large on in the middle. Well, comparatively large (it looks like someone stuck their finger in it.)

I broke the bread which gives the illusion of a slightly nicer crumb:

Any suggestions for next time?


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