Easy recipe ideas?

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I never would have guessed that making my own bread could be so satisfying!!

For about two weeks now I've been following a recipe I found in the first Australian GoodFood magazine by Richard Bertinet (made of strong white flour and a little spelt flour). I'm still trying to mature my starter and experiment with my techniques but I've had some great tasting breads so far.

I'm feeling a little adventurous and would like to try something else, perhaps with wholemeal flour. Does anyone have any simple recipes I could try?
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TeckPoh 2008 September 27

I know what you mean by satisfying; I actually love the simplicity and marvel of making bread over other baking/cooking.

Do head over to the Recipe Section for more adventure. The recipes are as simple as they get. Just ask if you are not sure of any step/technique. Have fun!


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