drying starter for storage

I'm going to be moving interstate shortly, and will be without a fridge or the means to feed my starter (or sourdough, i get confused) for several weeks. as i'm so happy with the flavour and action of it, I'm loath to throw it out. I've read that you can dry starters to be reactivated later, and was wondering if anyone had any tips they could share as to how to go about it! thanks 
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TeckPoh 2008 March 18
Bianchifan (hey, Markus, wo sind sie?) does that. He dries his starter, grinds it up and keeps in a jar.

However, if you'll be returning to where you are now, you can safely keep your jar(s) of starter in the fridge and give it a few refreshments when you bake again. I've kept starters in the fridge for months and they still rise to the occasion.

Aww....you won't be baking for several weeks?
nowonmai 2008 March 18
thanks, hopefully todays loaves come out ok and keep me going for a bit! i tend to get withdrawals if i dont bake, so shoud be interesting! its a bugger, cause i've only been doing bread like this for a few months, and have been getting much better at it, so i want to keep the momentum up!! on the plus side, i'm gonna try to build a wood oven where i'm moving to, so fingers crossed it'll get even better:)
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TeckPoh 2008 March 18
...to you and your pal starter....

To dry, just paint a thin layer of starter on some foil and stick it into a very low oven or even the pilot light to dry. Break the dried pieces and grind in food processor.

Wow! A wood oven! You're really wheely-ing up the curve.
nowonmai 2008 March 18
hehe, side effect of being a chef i guess....way too much energy left over after work (or perhaps i should say adrenaline, energy doesnt really come into it!), plus, baking bread for me has turned into a form of meditation as strange as that sounds...so it makes sense to take it as far as i can

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