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After some inital struggles, I have been doing pretty well with my whole grain wheat bread, using sourdom's Pane Francesa recipe.  I got a Great Northen grain mill off ebay for less than $200 which does a nice job of grinding my wheat berries.  I have been pushing up my hydration and am currently using 83%.   Here are my measurements


1. 80 gm starter    100% hydration

2. add 90 gm flour, 90 gm water, let rise

3.  mix 180 gm starter with 500 gm flour, 415 grams water , 2 t salt

You can read sourdom's recipe for the sequence.  I cheat on the rest period between folds quite often, going only 45 minutes between folds.  I use a loaf pan becuase it makes for easier sandwiches.  I also have taken to substiuting a little rye flour to boost the culture, about 10 grams at each stage of the build.  This loaf is with a hard "white wheat", which a little lighter in color than the hard red wheat you see in the US.


Here's the bread:



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