dodgy rise?


Can anyone share ideas regarding the large ruptures appearing in a recent sourdough bake?  I think its moisture content but could do with some thoughts, Thanks.

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Hugo 2013 May 5

Looks like your slashes solidified, and then the bread started rising, cracked around the bottom, and lost some of its gases. I’d like to see the internal structure if you have the chance to post a picture. It looks like a combination of at least 2 factors, e­.g. oven not hot enough in the beginning (are you baking on a pizza stone or a dutch oven?), perhaps underproven dough, very high hydration, "grainy" flour (not retaining gases), etc. Can’t tell for sure just by looking at the crust like that.

mcallisterpm 2013 May 5

Not sure if my reply just went through or not! Thanks, I am not sure if it was fully proved, the loaf was a little dense.   I am also going to try getting the oven a bit hotter, I am afriad I don't have a stone or dutch oven, its straight onto a baking sheet in a bit of a shitty electric oven....what can I say?!!

Electricboots 2013 May 6


I had this happen a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to bake 2 loaves side by side on a stone (happened twice). They blew out between the loaves. I am fairly sure they were underprooved because I was in my usual hurry but what made it worse was that there seemed to be a moist "microclimate" between the loaves so the tops hardened normally but there was a weak spot on each at the adjacent sides that ruptured at about the 15 minute mark. The recipe was my normal one, the difference to normal was that i was going out so tried to hurry things up. The split bread was terrible as there were huge holes inside- just as well the family likes that Italian bread salad that hides any dodgy loaf.

mcallisterpm 2013 May 11

Hi electric boots (sounds ....painful!), seems that what you experienced corroborates the other comments.  Cheers.

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