Cooking rye bread in a microwave?



I wonder if anyone ever baked rye bread in a microwave oven, especially at low wattages.

What would you do to simulate an oven-cooking at 150° C for three hours? and for how long?

(That is the method of cooking I regularly follow for rye breads in regular ovens.)




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ben_cooper 2009 August 19
I know if you try to toast baked bread in a microwave instead of trapping the moisture from the outside in, a microwave actual does the opposite and cooks from the inside out drying it out to the point of becoming stale in seconds.
I personally wouldnt try it as the rye breads gum structure rather than its gluten structure would make for a very tough loaf of bread cooked at low tempratures, on that note i wouldnt try to bake anybread at all in a microwave as it realise on forming a caramelised crust at a high temprature and then h2 flowing from the bottom forcing it upwards to give the loaf body (unless in a tin i figure.

I deffinatly use it for poppadoms tho =)
but it makes me think why you would go through all that slow fermentation process to aquire flavour and development only to ruin all your hard work by putting it in the microwave?

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