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hi all,
I'm now doing the bread for my restaurant, and am having some issues getting the gas ovens to perform at the volume i need. as a result i'm getting a poor crust colour and very uneven temperature spots. The kitchen has two convotherm ovens, and i have experimented a little with them, with mixed results. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these for bread, and could offer any tips?
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TeckPoh 2008 June 12
nowonmai, it's really great to hear from you from time to time, and, each time, your breadbaking increases by leaps and bounds. You should change your nick to superbreadman!

I checked with Martin Prior regarding your oven...he used a gas oven before he made his brick oven. Here's what he said, "In my Chinese made oven, there is an adjustable plate on the top that covers the top flame. We have to adjust the position of this plate if the surface browned uneven. I would not know if the Convotherm has a similar setup. His best bet would probably be to call the supplier who installed them."

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