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 I have read the forum from afar and decided to post a way of baking the bread every day

that produces a consistent size and look for me.


I follow the twitter feed as well.


I use the method of No Knead loaf making and baking inside of a cast iron dutch oven-Le Crouset style pot.


The consistent part comes when I form the loaf and then put it into a pie pan for the rise. This does 2 things for me.

I use a Marie Callenders pie tin that I have rolled the top edge down on the outside to make it fit my pot.

Heating the pot to 450 and dropping the loaf in was OK, sometimes it wasn't in the pot perfectly.

I cut a strip of parchment paper 3 inches wide and use this to lower the pan and bread into the pot. Pull out the paper, put lid on and bake.

20 minutes with lid on, 20 minutes with lid off.

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