Baguette challenge

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I don't know where the challenge was, couldn't find it so I am posting here. Please move it wherever you think it needs to go :) Here are my Baguettes, I used my Basic White recipe on my site and added some motherdough. I have it all written up in my blog at:

They were one pound loaves. They taste great and have a nice crisp crust. I am glad you asked me to bake some up!!

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SourDom 2006 October 25


you will find the challenge in the 'recipes' section.

Your baguettes make me feel quite envious - especially after some less than glorious results of this morning's bake. They are quite stunning!


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bianchifan 2006 October 26

Well done!
Unfortunately I can't get familar with this type of slashing for baguettes.
I've seenn this type in France at white breads only.
Baguettes were slashed diagonal, some were slightly twisted also.
But everyone should bake as he/she likes it!

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