Anyone near me.. Castril , Granada


I am living very happily in a reformed Cortijo in the countryside near Castril in Andalucia and have just started to make Sourdough bread.

My Starter production has been very succesful, rising double each time I feed it (daily) , however  using a variety of reccomended recipes, my final loaves are more like flat breads than Bloomers !!! Infact althoug my starters rise wonderfully my proven loaves do not match in terms of rising ??


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EvilBunny 2012 April 23

The thing that helped mine to rising was tempeture,  I have a double oven (over - under) I set my upper small upper oven to 170 degrees, and when I proof, eveything gets set it on the stove top, tempture is about 75 - 85 degrees, I  keep everything the same tempeture. for the final proof (2 hours). The second hour I set the oven cooking tempture to baking tempture (395 degrees) and let it set for the last hour then bake it. I bursh a little olive oil on top to keep it from getting to dry while the oven is heating up.


Thanks Doug

Merrid 2012 April 23

It could also be your shaping - if the shaping of the final loaf isn't right, the gas bubbles can escape and you end up with flat bread. Can you describe some of the recipes you have tried, and your exact methods?

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