Any other 100% whole wheat sourdough purists?

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No, i´m not talking that crap that´s full of honey, milk, potato starch, psyllum husk, or whatever else people add to whole wheat in an attempt to improve it.

I´m talking wholemeal flour, water, sourdough starter and a teaspoon of salt.

I´ve got a loaf rising right now in my plastic banneton lined with a cloth. I´ll post pics later.

The only time I add a bit of white bread flour is when I´m making pizza crust, cinnamon

My secrets to keeping my loaf from becoming a doorstop...

* After mixing and before kneading, I do a long first rise, similar to the first rise in the no knead method.

* I knead on a slab of marble and use a water spritzer so I can prevent sticking while using a wet dough.

* Bake in a very well pre-heated La Cloche
   (I´ve only got the long loaf shaped one. So until I get some spare money to buy a round one, I´ve been baking my round loaves on a pizza stone with a pan of water underneath. Not the best method, but acceptable)

*  Hope for lots of oven spring :)

So, any other purists out there?
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Hank the Home Baker 2019 April 11

Me too. It aint hard. It aint rocket science. And I don't need a scale. Just my hands and instinct. 100% whole wheat flour (King Aurthor milled) and water and time and a little bit of warmth. After day two it was bubbly. I nearly craped myself with joy and surprise. I tossed all the active yeast I had at that moment and emancipated myself from corporate Big Bread. How can we survive as a civilization if people forget the most simple things that lay at the roots of it?

giles 2009 May 26
[quote=musuron]So, any other purists out there?[/quote]

Well, not me yet: my standard loaf is part wholemeal, and I plan to increase the proportions over time. I've been busy (etc etc) and am just returning to baking after, shall we say, a "leave of absence", so think I'd better make sure I can consistently reproduce what I used to be able to do, first.

Thanks for posting your notes about what you do: a 100% wholemeal sourdough loaf is definitely something I aim to do, in time. I hadn't thought of using marble for working on.


nicodvb 2009 August 8
Often I do a 100% whole wheat bread, but starting with a poolish made with my whole rye leaven.
What I generally avoid is making a solid and dry dough, I mean: I generally leave it quite liquid
but still with a good amount of gluten developed. I do this to keep the bread softer and more leavened.
How is your bread like? Does it raise a lot? Does it keep soft for several days?
Kevincoconut 2009 August 12

I joined this forum because I hate bread with so many adds. So Im going to try as my first loaf : sprouted Kamut with sourdough starter baked in a closed La Cloche.

I havnt done it yet. But will sprout the Kamut,dry the grains in the sun till the overall weight is the combined of a "flour and water" recipe weight. 500 grams grain,350 of the total weight will be 850. This is so its not too wet because of absorbing all the water during sprouting. . Put it through a wheat grass juicer with the pasta fitting to make it a dough. Add the starter and salt.

It will be interesting to see how it turns out. My main reason for sprouting and sourdough is that there many anti-nutrients in a grain that stop many of the nutrients being absorbed by the body.These are in the unsprouted grain to stop critters eating the grain.

Sprouting kills a lot of these and so does the sourdoughing process...according to research... Plus I love sourdough. Will post my results. Will be trying something similar to Musurons recipe for the starter.

Hank the Home Baker 2019 April 11

YES YES YES. This is the healthiest way. This is what makes civilizations strong. Not the other crap. White flour is poison. However, sometimes I pour a bottle of beer in my dough instead of water. It turns out tasting just like German bread. SO GOOD. Our teeth rot because of white flour. And you get the shits. I've been shitting like a warrior ever since switching to 100% pure whole wheat sourdough bread that I make BY HAND. No more bowl issues. Thank you. You're the first human being baker I've come across. I hope to find more.

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