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I have made a couple of loaves with a linseed soak and they turned out really well, what I want to know is how to make the seed stick to the outside of the loaf for a seeded I spread on the soak on the surface or, as have have tried, spray with water and press the seeds in?  This wasn't very successful as the seeds just sat on the surface rather than embedded into the loaf  any tips?   Thanks

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Hugo 2013 May 8

I’ve had limited success with seeds, figs and nuts on the outside of a loaf. They either pop out, fall down or burn.

In The Bread Bible, the author recommands using egg white to make the seeds stick on the bread (actually, it’s one of the glazes used in professional bakeries). It’s worth a try.

janisem 2013 May 8

Thanks for that Hugo, I'll give it a try....most of the seeds fell off when I shoved it off the peel, more on the bottom of  the oven than the loaf!


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