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Farmpride Bakery

 a " bread and butter baker"..  wide variety done simply. breads, puff pastry, sweet dough products, donuts, cookies.. located in S.W Wisconsin, in the trade for over 40 years, learned most from father.... went to the baking school at dunwoody tech in Minneapolis mn., sell most product at a farmers market in madison wi. (DCFM) we use both organic and non organic product, will have a retail shop in the future, and plan online sales of baking supplies also.

for many years our business has made product for seasonal sale, at a or "the" dane county farmers market in madison wisconsin, it is tough but we love it very much. have beeen in the trade "forever" dad was one, and i started as a sprout doing clean up, and whell here i am 'bout 50 years later.... i make a little bit of everything ..

Madison, WI
United States
Artisan Baker Association Standards: 
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