wholewheat wheatgerm walnuts

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my first attempt on a 60% wholewheat sourdough bread. added some toasted wheatgerm and walnuts. refresh wholewheat starter 10g 100g flour and 100g water. mature after 8 hours. i mixed flour and water at the same time. cover and let rest at room temperature. toasted the wheatgerm and walnuts. the next day, mixed in the starter and french fold for 3 mins. added salt and wheat germ ,french fold another 3 mns. cover let rest for half an hour, added in walnuts. cover and popped in the fridge overnight. brought it out, rest for 1 hour. divided and shape to boule. rest for half an hour. reshape and into the proofing basket for 3 and half hours. baked 20 mins covered 10 mins uncovered.. and this is the result :)

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