Wholemeal Sourdough


21.08.2011 -  tried 'Sourdom's' method the 'final Crucial steps' using my starter - I did substitute 50 gms of the white flour for wholemeal flour in my dough and I kneaded it more then left it to prove overnight  in a linen lined basket -


next morning the dough sprang back quickly when pressed -  was concerned that it would collapse when turning it onto the cardboard - but all well and a quick slash and onto the pizza stone.


40 minutes later it came out allowed to cool - the texture was better than my other loaves baked in a loaf tin  - drier texture and not sticky


not sure whether it should have flattened out so much - so next time around will look at baking after 4 - 5 hours of  proving.  Need to work on the slash.


photos to come



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