Well done to Sourdough.com!

David Winter

 I have been baking professionally since 1976 so this puts me into the old men's category...I guess lol

Started making sourdough whilst in Brisbane in the mid 1980s, and continue to use the same starter that origianally can be traced back to John D.

I started Bread Street in Mont Albert in 2002.

Our website, www.breadstreet.com.au, is finally up thanks to my wife Bev where you can read more about us...our passion for making bread, our close involvement in the local community and our work with people with disability.

The bakery is not 'clean' in that we do produce a wide range of breads with improvers. However, we also make an authentic variety of sourdoughs (no acorbic acid or yeast, John!!), boiled bagels, ciabatta, pide, etc.

And we are more than happy to share our recipes.

Started a Pain de Campagne from a recipe off this site about 2 months ago and it is selling fantastically! Our Casalinga and Paysan also do well. Our Maxi Fruit Laof is to die for! A sourdough loaf FULL of sultanas, dates, apricots, currants and figs. Made in a small tin, weighed off at 800g and sells for $7.20. With so much fruit, it lasts for ages!

Anyway, love this site and well done to everyone for the input. I never stop learning and experimenting - this site is wonderful!


ps will send some pics later


panfresca 2011 October 20

Thanks David.

I'm not far away, and I still call in occasionally even since I caught the sourdough bug. Everything is beautiful quality - one of my addictions was always your olive loaf.

That Hamilton Street precinct just gets better and better. Zimt's Patisserie is extraordinary (my waistline will attest to that!), Cornehls & Blackburn butchers has really superb meat, and round the corner, Pizza @ 379 (Mont Albert Road) has only been open a few months, but shows how good pizza can be. My only (admittedly pointless) gripe is that Churchill Cafe went so upmarket and abolished its Cafe/Provedore - we're still devoid of good casual eateries in the area, unless you go down to Canterbury. Ever thought about filling that gaping niche in the market?


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