That's my packed lunches sorted for the next week then

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Hi Folks, this is my first post so it'll probably turn out all wonky

I'm not a precise baker, I used measure everything out to be but I just do it by eye and feel now. (just lazy!)

the recipe was;

A decent dollop of  starter at peak activity,

a fair bit of water

and enough flour ((dove's hill organic strong white) to make a thick batter for the sponge.

waited til it went bubbly (only about 6 hours today, it's been warm in the house)

then added enough flour to make a quite wet dough and about 4 teaspoons of salt (it's a big loaf)

mixed it up and left it an hour

a decent kneed followed by a few stretches and folds over the course of the evening,

Formed a boule, plonked it into my biggest banetton and put it in the fridge for a slow rise overnight. (covered)

took it out this morning and let it warm up for about 3 hours and baked it 10 mins on 220 and another 20 at 180 on a stone in a fan oven

Just had a slice with a bit of butter and it's just lovely!

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