“It’s Natural Colouring..”…you kidding?

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I remember being very taken with the stunning orange colour the last time I made Sourdough Pumpkin Bread. That was a huge 1.6 kg baby. This time, I halved the recipe (flour used: 50g strong wholemeal, 170g plain flour, 200g bread flour), and made 2 petite 400g boules to try out my new prezzies….pulp bannetons…yeah! The pumpkin was drier and I had to almost double the water just so that all the flour could be incorporated. The print for the coiled basket came out fine, but all the weave pattern in the other basket was not discernable upon baking.

Light soft crumb with uneven medium-sized holes; stayed moist the next day. Taste-wise, sourness is a 3 on a scale of 5, though I wish some pumpkin taste came through; as it were, the pumpkin was more for the colour (and its nutritional value, of course). Perhaps, if I used butternut?? Also, I’m thinking, if that is the case, some addition of spice would be nice.


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Mr_Punchy 2009 December 2

I've been over-doing the orange thing, but I reckon pumpkin and orange.  OR... I used to bake pumpkin and chocolate muffins.  You could add some sugar to the loaf, include some pumpkin chunks and some choc chunks.  Do a sweet version!!!  YEAH!!!  DO IT!!!!  YUM YUM YUM. 

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Millciti 2009 December 2

Just recently tried a Kabocha squash or Japanese Pumpkin.  The texture is quite creamy I will have to try a bread with it.   Mr P you must be thinking like  I am thinking, how about a nice sweet spice swirl, lots of pumpkin, cranberry bits and maybe an Egg and milk.


I am almost done with this semester and can't wait to get back to bread.  My family has had to just make do with the 5-6 loaves I eek out everyweek.  :] 


Hey TP is there a blog for your lovely Biscuits?

CayoKath 2012 September 3

I love kabocha for cooking.  I haven't done a bread with it yet, as when I get one the dazzle of a custard pie or a bake with sausage and potato takes over.  : )


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TeckPoh 2009 December 2

LOVE those ideas. Oh my!

Terri, afraid I don't have the stamina to keep a blog going. Just gimme a shout if you are interested in any of the recipes. Can't wait for your break too....5 or 6 loaves of bread a week is definitely not enough.


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Adam T 2009 December 4

Butternut squash would be good. We make a bread with it, and some savoury herbs. Rosemary, parsley, sage, chives, green onions. All fresh chopped. tasty!

CayoKath 2012 September 3

They look like interesting.  We're pretty limited to what Williams Sonoma carries or ordering online in Colorado.


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