Successful attempt at Rossnroller's version of Hamelmann's Norwich Rye


Until now I hadn't blogged any of my sourdough baking attempts since I couldn't work out how to upload photos. It is truly serendipitous that my best baking attempt yet has coincided with figuring out what was wrong with my photo upload attempts!

Probably it can only go downhill from here....


Here is my attempt at Rossnroller's version of Hamelmann's Norwich Rye. The oblong shape is caused by proving in a pyrex baking dish (lined with teatowel) since I don't have a banneton. Anyway, I was very happy with the flavour, crust, crumb and oven-spring.

 I used a 100% wholewheat, 100% hydration starter and the dough is 65% hydration, 10% rye, 75% strong bread flour, 15% wholewheat (from starter). Overnight proving in fridge.

Love it! Massive thanks to Rossnroller for this gem. And also to Muff for earlier slashing tips.


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