Spelt bread with nuts, pine nuts and pumpkin seeds

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400 gr. bread flour, 100 gr. spelt flour, 300gr. water, 150 gr. starter 100% hydration, 200 gr. mixed nuts, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds...

When proofing overnight, my breads tend to be too tender to be able to slash them. So I tried reducing the amount of starter from 200 gr. to 150. Success! Delicious!



Seaniz 2012 November 7

Looks fantastic. I have a bag of pine nuts in the freezer so I guess I will give it a try. How long do you leave your dough in the fridge? I don't usual use the fridge but I've never had your fragility problem even when I did use the fridge.

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Alvaremj 2012 November 8

Looks good! I really like spelt breads, and pine nuts! Great combination. I bulk proof in the fridge and do the shape and final proof on the counter with good results. The counter proof allows you to dry out the crust to make for a good slash.

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