Share some pictures about my Sourdough starter

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here  some pictures about  my starter, using the Peter Bertinet recipe.

also  my first  tried of  French Baguette maked with  sourdough.  it´s clear  i have a lot  of mistakes 

but  little by  little  i will improve.



 Starter 8 hrs,  after 2 refresh.

French  Sourdough Baguette,  well its  what  i said.


Here  the  Result!!!




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Karniecoops 2011 March 12

I don't think you've made too many mistakes at all!  They look GREAT for first baguettes! Well done and continue to enjoy :o)

alexandra75 2011 March 13

Hi there, they look fine to me for first baguettes. I could just eat one. What are you worried about? They look lovely - Keep baking and sharing pics

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