Semolina sourdough sandwich loaves

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Last week's bake was a sandwich loaf made in two versions: 60% and 65% hydration 

The composition was 250 gr. bread flour, 50 gr. rye flour and 200 gr. semolina (durum). They were bulk fermented for three hours, shaped in tins and proofed for almost two hours.

I'm still learning to work the dough, so 65% hydration was a challenge to me. I resisted the temptation to throw tons of flour on my work surface, and kept folding the dough at intervals, till it was manageable.

The result was very good, light and soft crust, even shape and delicious flavour. The 65% loaf wins, crumb very delicate but apt for commuter sandwiches. And they freeze very well.

semolina loaves




slepax 2011 December 1

It really does.


Just one question though, how did you get it in this shape? I've been trying to get a proper loaf shape for a long time now..



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