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 hello everybody

ive got a question about rye sourdough -

i noticr that if i pass a certion period of time the loaf seems do get wetter and debser and nor drier/

is it possible? in other breads the loafs become dry' here the opposite happens/

ill be happy to get some help in that issue/

thanx guys.


omerke 2012 July 13

 i make it a wet loaf but what i mean is that i think it gets wetter as i bake it/

is this even possible?

Thraundil 2012 July 13

 Strictly speaking, no, of course it cannot get wetter without the addition of more water. What might happen if your dough is too wet, is as you bake the loaf the crust hardens and the inside starts to "sink together" as steam is generated within the loaf. Rye can not, like wheat, make gluten strings, and as such is not as good at keeping a bubbly structure. 

Try a firmer dough with more flour in it. I like to go by the general guideline that a pure rye dough should only barely stick to your finger if you stick it into the dough - you should be able to pull the finger out with barely any dough sticking to it. If it sticks, its probably slightly too wet still and needs more flour. Off the top of my head this is the only reason I can think of. 

omerke 2012 July 14

 thats a great answer and make alot of sense

i notice a seperation between the crust and the inside dough, which make sense - the outside gets to firm and the inside sink deep inside/

thank you very much for the reply/ it did help.

Thraundil 2012 July 14

 Yep - the separating crust is a dead giveaway of a dough that is too wet. As the inside sinks, the water vapour will fill the cavity left behind. Glad to be of help - let me know how your next loaf turns out! :) 

yarlingtoncensis 2012 August 21

Yes, don't knead this sourdough. Mix and shape into ball and place in proving basket heavily floured (semilina's best) rough side up. Cover and stand for 1 hour. Turn out onto hot baking sheet and slash with cross. Bake 10 mins 250c, 10 mins 200c, 15 mins 180c, slide onto oven shelf and dry out for further 5-10 mins.

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