It's a kind of magic


Last Sunday I decided it was time to finally decide on whether my sourdough would end up in the trash can or not. So, in the morning I made the dough, let it rest for 40 mins, then I kneaded it a bit and let it rise. I almost forgot about it since we were going to Austria the next morning so didn't have much time so when I came back in the evening I was suprised that my dough had REALLY risen. Harry Potter must have felt this way when he first did magic. LOL .

 I baked the bread (of course I didn't have the guts to cut any pattern on it after it had risen,because I was afraid it would ....deflate. Yes, stupid, I know. I however did do some cuts right before letting the dough rise) and I was extatic over how gorgeously it tasted.

I now jokingly say that my sourdough is my last family member. This evening we came back from Vienna and I first checked on my kid, then on my sourdough. My parents actually managed not to kill it so I'm feeding it and tomorrow maybe I'm getting naughty again LOL.


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TeckPoh 2010 March 12

your sourdough starter, that is. ;) he (?) will be a very special addition to your household...low maintenance and magical. Your bread looks GREAT!

Rocco 2010 March 12

Thanks for the compliment! Coming from a veteran it really means something :).

My rye bread is .... due tonight ;) . Well, it'll actually be 60% rye and the rest wheat. I can't describe my dough in terms of hydration because I only weigh my flour and the sourdough but I've never measured the quantity of water I used so far. I'll probably try some real recipes with measured amounts once I become used to the idea that sourdough really works. It still surprises me.

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