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Hi All,

Having a little trouble of late with our Rye and Multigrain loaves.
Been baking from the beginning of the year our sourdough range and the white based breads are still OK but the heavier loaves just dont have the lift any more.

We use a 80% hydration sour and use 10% in our Multigrain and Rye.
Is this enough?
We tried at 15% but didnt improve a lot.
Originally we used 29% and this didnt give a good result.

Its much colder now in Adelaide now thats its moving into winter and we need much more bench time to get the breads to come up.

Any one got any ideas to improve our results.

If so I can get into more details and timings and post some photos to help in the hunt for a solution.

Thanks again to all and happy baking....



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Graham 2009 May 18
Hi John,

Are you doing a bulk proof...if so how long at what temperature? How long and what temperature in the forms? Are these freeform and sole-baked, or are they tinned? What are the similarities and differences between the white based dough and the others that are not performing? How is your starter maintained and what kind of flour are you using?


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