success with spelt

Have just started using spelt flour, after reading waay too much about. The results are amazing, with the flavour different to anything i've produced thus far. It seems to produce - in tandem with high protein white flour - a crumb that is different in texture to anything else, and is extremely appealing in terms of both mouthfeel, and aroma. the next experiment is 100% spelt!


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TeckPoh 2008 March 19

I haven't made a 100% spelt either. I was stinging on my very limited stock coz we didn't have spelt here until recently. Race you to making one....:)
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Adam T 2008 March 21
We make a 100% spelt bread, with spelt kernels (soaked) and sunflower seeds. It is very dense, and we do not let it proof before shaping. All proofing is done in its final form. It is a popular loaf though.
nowonmai 2008 March 21
i was surprised by how light it came out..i thought it was going to be very dense and heavy, but instead came out with a light and very chewy crumb. the crust also held for hours, really crisp and caramelly! i can see the race is on for 100% spelt...not fair, you guys have the advantage!!
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Adam T 2008 March 21
have to wait for a pic. camera's batteries are dead, and I never remember to take it to work.
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canadianmountaingoat 2008 April 1
Hi folks, and nowonmai,
I'm new to this site but I love it already! I had to tell you: The pic you, nowonmai, posted above of your spelt sourdough looks almost exactly like a Swiss Ruchbrot. The texture of this bread is light but has a moist feel, and it's chewy. The loaves usually come with the typical larger holes, as seen in your photo! Please please, I love that type of bread - will you share your recipe? Also I don't have a starter right now. What type of starter did you use for this? Many thanks and HAPPY BAKING! :-)
nowonmai 2008 April 5

right, now for the recipe! my starter as i may have said is just equal parts organic wholemeal flour and water, and is about 6 months old. i feed it every day, and it is stored in the fridge until the day before i bake. i try to feed it no sooner than 12 hours before i plan on baking, otherwise the flavour is not developed enough. this loaf was made in two stages:

500g water (cold)
300g starter
300g wholemeal spelt flour
50g wholemeal rye flour
50g wholemeal wheat flour

1: mix all together in a large bowl until completely smooth, then tightly wrap with cling film and leave in fridge for 5-10 hours (last thing the night before is perfect) The following morning, remove from fridge, and put in a warm spot for 5 hours, or until bubbly and frothy
400g strong white flour
20g honey or brown sugar
25g salt

2: add half the flour and all the honey, then mix in your mixer on low speed using the paddle for 6 minutes. add the rest of the flour, switch to the doughook, mix for another 4 mins. add the salt, mix for 2 mins. let rest for 10 minutes, then split the dough into 2 equal pieces. stretch gently into a rectangle, then fold one end into the middle, then repeat with the other end. tuck the dough into a ball shape, cover with a cloth, and leave for 1 hour. repeat the folding process twice more on the hour. after the final fold, let rest for 5 mins, then shape however you like. cover, and let prove untill nearly but not quite doubled in size. heat your oven to the highest setting. when the dough is ready, spray or brush it thouroughly with heavily salted water. slide into oven, spray the oven thouroughly, and bake for 10 mins. turn the oven down to 200 degrees celsius, and bake untill done (about 25 mins).

Hope this helps!! its a work in progress, and the recipe changes every week, so this is the current version! let me know if i can be of any more help - happy baking
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canadianmountaingoat 2008 April 10
Thanks, nowonmai! I have a spelt starter now too, which I bought today from an artisanal bakery in town here. It's very erm... low hydration? A spoon stands up in it, that's how thick it is. I've fed it as it wasn't enough anyway and plan on baking with it and your recipe above tomorrow - my first proper sourdough loaf!

Just to clarify: You say to repeat the folding process twice. Does this mean that the dough rests for a total of 2 hours inbetween folding?

Also, when do you slash the formed loaf? Just before it's put in the oven or before proving?

And did you use a form, a banneton, for this loaf?

Wish me luck - I think I need it - and thanks for clarifying these questions!

nowonmai 2008 April 10
hey there. i dont use a banneton, i just shape into a baton. slash just before putting in the oven! as for the folds, i find fold it once, rest ofr 1 hour , fold again, rest for another hour, fold again, rest for 1 minutes, then shape and prove. hope that helps, and looking forward to hearing how you go!
nowonmai 2008 April 10
work on the brick oven has not yet commence, so we'll see! i will have various phtos next week of a few different batchs, so would love some input (i dont get back online untill next week, and have just stolen a friends computer to jump on) stay tuned!
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canadianmountaingoat 2008 April 11
...for the confused goat!

The recipe says to cut the dough into half. So do you mean that you then work with the two halves separately and end up with two loaves?

Being thick over here... Thanks for the clarification above. That helps.


PS I promise to post the results! I had to improvise with the flour as I can't get strong white here, but I wrote everything down.

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