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just checking to see if the new system works. some breads from work!


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Danubian 2008 May 9
That loaf on the table seems to suggest you're getting the hang of expansion in your slashes, welll done.
nowonmai 2008 May 14
thanks, its certainly getting easier. i worked out my doughs were a touch too wet, and i was final proofing way too little on some out of fear of overproofing. am getting and better at it now, and discovered that doing dough in 10kg lots is much easier in terms of both flavour and crumb texture (am now doing sourdough for work, and making on average 12kg sourdough loaves - wet weight-, 14kg ciabatta, 10kg foccacia, and around 5kg of dinner rolls a day, all without aid of expertise or any formulas other than what i was using for my home breads...lets just say its been a challenge, but am having a heap of fun, getting some great results and feedback, and learning a hell of a lot!)
thanks as always for your help, without which i probably wouldnt be able to
do what i'm now doing!

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