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I just wanted to write and say thanks to all you guys on this site who do so much to encourage us newbies to keep going. There have been quite a few failures and some tears on my journey, but thanks to you, the mysteries of sough dough have been revealed and I am making some decent loaves. The eureka moments were - realising at what point the starter was strong enough to support the flour - knowing when the dough was proved properly - the importance of getting the slashes right - and not least sticking to one recipe until you get it right. My starter is 50/50 strong white flour and bottled water. The recipe is Paul Hollywoods sough dough which is 375g strong white flour / 250g starter / 175 mls tepid water / 5g salt. As to the process, I use Sourdom's instructions proving over night in the fridge. Initial cook in conventional oven at 210C for 25 minutes, finishing off for 10 minutes at 190C. Hope you like the attached photo and thanks again for all your help.

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