My Sourdough...finally making better bread than bakers yeast



Its been a long time since my first post, when I was going to try sourdough bread baking. I made a starter but it didnt go well and I threw it away. I went back to baking with bakers yeast for the past 9 months or so, but still really wanted to get into sourdough.

Anyway, I've been feeding this starter for a month and finally last week, whilst stored in the fridge and only one third full, it blew the lid off the screw top jam jar. Ready!

Here is my olive oil sourdough white bread, tasting much better than any bread I made before, really lovely and soft.

I used the bertinet method and retarded it in the fridge for flavour with only the smallest sour note in the aftertaste. Just a predominently 'bready' taste with a touch of olive oil. The dough was so hydrated I could only just form it into loaves before placing in the tin and had to cook for 45 minutes because of this, starting at 250c and turning straight down to 200c. It was a challenge but has a really soft texture.

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