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So next up in "Local Breads" is The Ganachaud Flute.  Another yeasted bread, but this one starts off with making a poolish before kicking off the bread.

Quite exciting for NZ, I managed to find a source of flour in bigger sizes (25kg) and with a nice range of ryes, white, wholemeal and odd flours as well.  Best thing is they deliver to your door and you can shop online!  This is especially beneficial for us folk with broken legs that are marooned at home and can't drive.  So I went a bit crazy, bought a 25kg bag of AP, 4 different types of rye, some wholewheat and diastatic malt!  I should have read a bit ahead in my book as I will also need some buckwheat flour relatively soonish.  Oh well, what's a girl to do but a bit more shopping!  So if anyone else in NZ needs to buy some flour, I bought mine from the "My Bread Mix" website.

I hadn't used a poolish in bread making before, but it wasn't exactly tricky - 100% water, 1% yeast, 100% AP flour (flour weight 125g) - mix, cover and stand at RT over night.

The dough consisted of all the poolish (36%), 55% water, 1% yeast, 91% AP flour, 9% cornflour, 2% sea salt (total flour weight 265g) - mix cover and autolyse for 20 mins., knead, ferment at RT for 1.5-2hrs, then shape into 3 x flutes (baguettes) about 12 inches long (230g each).  Proof overnight in the fridge 12-24hrs.  Score with a single slash, off centre, all the way down the length of the loaf and bake at 250C for 15-20mins (with a handful of ice chucked in).

Unlike the baguette normal, these had a nice firm, blistered crust and a much better flavour. 

I presume this is from using a poolish at the start as well as the overnight retardation.  I much prefer the texture of these to the baguette normal (which didn't have a very firm crust).  The crumb was ok consideriing it was a pretty narrow loaf and only had one fold.

Nice little loaf - for a yeasted bread!


Happiness is making bread


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Karniecoops 2010 August 7

They look wonderful LD.  Nice crumb - 2 folds probably would have given mine a more open texture. I hadn't really thought about the contribution that the cornflour makes, but it definitely adds to the flavour. 

Nice that you have a glass of wine next to your loaves - reminds me that it's wine o'clock now! The loaves sitting on my bench and a bit of cheese will go down a treat with a nice glass right about now!

Cheers, K.

Happiness is making bread.

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