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  • Well it’s not exactly grape time of year here, so I made two other variations on this "loaf" instead of the recommended grapes, rosemary and salt version.

This is just a straight yeasted bread (so I feel a bit bad posting it here, but since it is part of my quest to blog about every bread in this book, I will continue – sorry!).  300g water, 5g yeast, 500g AP flour, 60g olive oil and 20g salt – all mixed together and kneaded for 10 minutes on my Kitchen Aid.


I fermented the dough for about 1.5hours at RT and then shaped the dough – well in a manner of speaking!  I made 2 “loaves” from the dough and stretched each out with oily hands on to a baking tray greased with olive oil.  When is sprang back I just let it rest for about 5 mins and then gave it another gentle tugging.  I guess the finished loaves were approx 1cm thick and pretty much covered half the baking tray each.  As you can see below they both had a very rustic shape!  


Shaped "loaves" with toppings added - ready for proofing


On one “loaf” I pressed halved cherry tomatoes and sprinkled over chopped basil leaves and rock salt, the other just had chopped rosemary and rock salt.  I cover both with a plastic bag and let proof for about 45 minutes.  By this time the dough had risen nicely around the tomatoes.


The oven only need to heat to 375C and both foccacia were baked at the same time for about 30 minutes.  These poor loaves only got to cool during the 5 minute drive it took me to get to my friends house for dinner, and they were promptly devoured with dips and olive oil!!



Easy and tasty, so many options for toppings!  The recipe does mention you can make small individual "pizza" sized loaves as well, which kids might enjoy - but let me tell you, the kids enjoyed these big versions very nicely!


Happiness is making bread!


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