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My first sourdough, made almost a month ago, and long since eaten.  It's a try at a light rye, as I call it, at one-half cup mediun rye flour and two and one-half cups white bread flour (or all-purpose).  About one-half cup starter ----- ordered from this website----about a half teaspoon salt, about 9-10 ounces water.  Not a great recipe ost and not a word of procedure but very basic.   


I'v baked a few other sourdough loaves of different kinds but just figured out how to post on my blog.  Some breads don't hang about for their portraits, eh?   I'll try for another photo.

Below is a try at a white loaf but I need better procedure, still tastes good, especially as toast.

A mix of rye, a little whole wheat, and some white flour ----and I ended up with another sourdough loaf shown below.  No recipe to post at this stage of progress as I'm still a beginner. 




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