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I tried the ‘Pane Francese (1)’ recipe for a second time, though changing the sequence in which I mixed the ingredients. The flours & water 1st into a dough, which I then left to rest for 10mins. Its texture had changed and felt really smooth when I returned to it. Then came the starter . It was difficult to mix the starter with the dough as it had become a single entity. It felt like I was wasting starter around the bowl. After awhile it came good. I think it might be better to have the water/flour dough a little wetter for a possibly easier integration with the starter. Or maybe even just tip the starter over the top of the dough while it is resting for the initial 10 mins. Another 10 min rest before adding the salt, because as I was cleaning up I spotted the measured out 10 grams on the bench top! The salt was quite noticeable in the dough at first until it dissolved. This made for a dough that didn't feel anywhere near as wet as it did last time I tried this recipe.
I came home from work at lunch time to poke it. It felt pretty dense and doughy still. Home from work and the poke test revealed a fragile, springy feel. I waited to see what the poke point would do for 30mins. Not much spring back, I thought it might have over proofed. It came out of the lightly oiled bowl OK. The stringy internal network was fine and dense. I stretched it out to about twice its size and folded the four corners in, flipped it over and did the ‘tuck & twist’ shaping method I use for a cob. Into the smaller of the stainless steel bowls lined with a rice flour dusted tea towel. First time trying this bowl for the final proofing/shaping. I though it might help keep the shape tighter.
Poked at the 30min mark and the 1hr mark, with it being removed around the 1hr 15min mark. I still don’t feel like I’m feeling the nuances of the poke test. The size looked like it was ready to go.
Lifted out of the bowl with the tea towel, scooped up, rolled\flipped then scooped up again and into the pre heated (260°C) Pyrex dish, misted/squirted with water a few times, then on with the lid. Yes I forgot to slash it. Thankfully it was only 30secs or so before I realised and out it came to get two parallel ones.
By the 15min mark it was just touching the underside of the lid, so in I when and off it came. A plus when using Pyrex I reckon. It feels like I won't grow sick of watching a loaf rise through the glass:) The top got another misting with water. I kept the temperature up until the 20min mark, then dropped it down to around 230°C. An internal probe and it was still not cooked. The probe was doughy too. By the 35min mark it was done.

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