Whole Wheat with Almond Meal

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Preferment is
Stiff Sourdough Starter 50g
Whole Wheat Flour 115g
Water 92g
Let the starter ferment for 12 hours.  Make the flour and start the autolyse at 10 hours.  Add the Preferment to the dough at 12 hours.

Autolyse for 3 hours.
Fresh Ground Flour 500 grams.
Water 400 grams.
Mix into a shaggy mass and let sit for three hours.

Add 200 grams of the preferment and save the rest to make more bread with.  Salt is added now and I do 2% or 10 grams for this dough.  The Almond Meal was added with the salt and preferment at 10% of 50 grams. Mix on number one speed for 4 minutes.

I put the dough straight into the fridge because I have to get some sleep then work the next day.  When I get home from work I take the dough out and let it warm up.  I shape the dough after the dough doubles in size.  I start a fire in my cooker an hour later and when it gets to 460 degrees F I put the dough in and cook it for 50 minutes.  The first 10 minutes the bread is cooked with steam.  The bread is raised up off the pizza stone after 20 minutes of cooking.

Here are the pictures of how it turned out.  I like how it looks and the nice bubbles in the crumb too.


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