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 Well actually more like my weekly bread. I still bake every weekend and make my 2 loaves for the week. So I have not posted for a while and I thought I might share some pics of my basic loaf. This is what I cook each week for my wife and I (all the kids have finally left home). I start on Wednesday night usually and bake on Saturday mornings. My standard recipe has become a variation of my Ciabatta integrale recipe. I'm still keeping it fairly high hydration but I have stopped using the oat & multigrain soaker. Mainly because I am lazy and ran out of oats. Mostly I just add about 50g of farmer's mix multigrains. So this is what my bread looks like these days. I'm pretty happy with this for my basic standard sandwich bread and it's great as toast as well. This week I ran out of multi-grains so had to settle for white with some wholemeal mixed in.



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