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Hi everyone. My name is Matt. I am a qualified baker from Adelaide. My interest in Sourdough and other artisan baking began last year and as the "official" baker training doesn't really include natural or long fermentation techniques I have had to teach myself using books (I bought about 30 bread ones through last year) and through trial and heaps of error.

I have been doing sourdough breads for a year now with mixed results.

I have gone back to basics with this loaf as I need a recipe I can fit into my time table and get good results from. This loaf is heading in the right direction but I will increase the hydration gradually to get the loaf I am after. (I have made the sourdough in Chad Robertsons "Tartine Bread" with exceptional results, maybe a little hard to work with for now when I do 6+ loaves)

I mixed all the ingredients, no autolysis, till dough formed (maybe 4 mins by hand, I did 7.2kg dough to get 12 loaves) (I also did yeasted baguettes using the same process with good results). Into the fridge at 8.30am.

Next day out at 8am, preshape, shape and proof until first lot (spiral slash) in oven at about 1pm (they are underproofed). The other loaf was one of the third bake and was better but still underproofed (I was a bit impatient and had to get them through the oven before 4pm.

The oven I use is a large (twice as big as at home) domestic one at my church where I have put in 2 kiln shelves to bake on. (I have seen some great results on this site with the bowl covering the dough which I will try sometime but I usually bake off 4x 500-650g loaves at once).

I will share more breads as I bake them.



K.D. Afford 2011 July 31

Thanks for sharing, have a look at my "No knead bread" in blogs on site.

 Have at hand some 2 years, Berinett's Crust book and recently the Artisan 5 minute bread.

 Yesterday knocked out one of the best ever sour dough breads 18 hour ferment - whilst not all the big holes it is just a marvellous bread.

 None of the ones I have made have failed, some have suffered from not reading the recipe properly.

 All are brilliant as toast on - MUST - be a gas or open fire grill.

Those with oil in the last for ages.

 It is the best fun ever.

 King regards

Kym disregard image, I cannot find how to imprort, but if you email me we can have an exchange.

Mr Ciabatta 2011 August 22

Welcome Matt, I also use an old kiln shelf with great results in my normal-sized home oven. Takes a bit to warm up though, at least 1hr 15min...

Good to get some book titles, will add them to my xmas wish-list.

Happy baking, looking forward to more photos of future bakes.

Doughball 2013 July 22

I love my sourdough baking, but cannot seem to achieve the s, s and s dough as mentioned in every baking book. Is it timing or handling? Whether I knead a lot or a little my dough stays sticky and floppy and results in flat heavy loaves. I use 70% hydration.


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