This is the start of my blog….please go ahead and start your own!

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My son, Maedi, has been working on creating a Blog for users of

Basically, blogs will allow users to have their own permanent place on our sourdough site. You can crap on for as long as you want about whatever you want and it will stay there for as long as you want it to stay there. Plus you can easily upload images and make changes.

Blogs are the biggest thing on the web at the moment because they give users ownership of their own content. It is also good for people that run web sites because our site can grow with genuine real-life commentary rather stuff that we write about but have little experience of…if you know what i mean.

To make it all work, Maedi (he is 14, I am very proud) has set up a new server that is dedicated to the sourdough Blog. The Blog area will be linked from, but is actually located at (no longer at that site! Editor). So if you want to blog, you can go there directly if you wish.


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